Choose one of the 5 supports and decide the design from our different collections:

  • Contemporany design: A perfect fusion between classical and contemporary style, inspired by Nature’s shapes, by strong colored Persian tiles, and by the delicate features of Japanese prints.
  • Fragments of the past: This collection takes its inspiration from the great masters of the past, who are, still today, considered real trendsetters and innovators in the art world. This Designer Wallpaper takes shape from the works of Piero della Francesca, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Albrecht Dürer and Henri Rousseau.
  • Coordinated Collection: The 12 subjects of the collection used for the decoration of the walls are harmonised with the same colour, texture and style of the floors. Furthermore, the wallpapers can be enriched with graphics part of the other collections in the catalogue creating a unique, original and customised proposal.
  • Wonderful Country: An homage to the most evocative corners of the Bel Paese. From the prestigious Alinari Archives in Florence, we are proud to present 26 between the most fascinating historical photographs of Italian treasures, known and loved all over the world.
  • Suite Collection: 10 wallpapers made in collaboration with designers with an established reputation on the Italian scene.

It is possible to add or delete some elements of the composition and to change the colour gradation. The designs can be rearraged into a different format from the standard one. The dimension of the single detail and the proportion of the whole design can change in the adjusting process. The printing on wallpapers could show chromatic differences both from the catalogue and the renderings on screen.