The history of Floover began to take shape in 2006 with the union of Joan Ferrer and Andrea Prati, friends and co-owners with extensive experience in the flooring business . Based on the needs and requests of their customers, they developed a new product, Floover, multilayer rigid flooring with designs based on high-end vinyl with the Unilin click system. Later, they developed other versions and incorporated waterproof unlimited designs with remarkable success.

The aim of Floover is the continuous search for new and amazing products always based on the latest design and fashion, intending to improve the quality of life. Innovation and imagination have always been the basis of the brand and are key to its reputation in the market place, involving designers and architects to provide added value to the product. To date, Floover has achieved significant international presence.


Floover’s production is mainly located in Müstair, Switzerland, where the entire production process complies with Swiss law and with the European norms and standards, in addition to the very strict quality controls.

Floover provides products for both domestic and commercial use, always using new technologies and creating solutions demanded by the market, from gluing systems (Glue Down), through the floor with click system, to walls solutions. All Floover products are easy to install and are specifically designed for high durability and longevity. All this is complemented with accessories needed to complete any project.

The extensive collection of designs can be installed in any space, including wet areas like bathrooms or terraces, Floover is the ultimate solution to your project.

Generating new business is key and innovation and product development has been always something Floover has had in mind since its foundation. Speed in developing new products and solutions has added value and has positioned us as a leader in the sector, always ahead. It is also an important attribute to the brand and a differentiation point.

Providing Swiss made products will assure we do our work faithfully and unceasingly complying with Swiss and European standards and certificates, so our custumers shall be pleased with our performance. All features and characteristics of all our products, services and production processes will determine and assure the quality of them and its imperative to compete for business and be different from others promoting similar products.

As part of the innovation process and growth, we are passionate about the latest trends and designs which are reflected in different solutions and collections. With a singular design sensibility, our collections and ranges are in continuous growth and improvement. Design is a true statement for us and it is of importance when choosing the right partner.

Floover has always been pioneered internationally in developing, producing and offering our high-end solutions worldwide. Present today in more than 80 countries Floover continues to spread around the globe.