The history of Floover began to take shape in 2006 with the union of Joan Ferrer and Andrea Prati, friends and co-owners with extensive experience in the flooring business . Based on the needs and requests of their customers, they developed a new product, Floover, multilayer rigid flooring with designs based on high-end vinyl with the Unilin click system. Later, they developed other versions and incorporated waterproof unlimited designs with remarkable success. From 2021 Joan Ferrer assumes the unic direction of the company.

Mission statement, vision and values of floover management:


Design and provide the best experience to distributors, warehouses, flooring and cladding installers for commercial and residential use with exclusive products. 

Leading the revolution in the flooring and cladding industry, factory finishing, creating new consumer trends.


Innovation + Constant Internationalization. Think globally and work locally. 

Listen to the specifier to contribute and build new values in the product to change the installation and consumption trends of light flooring, thus allowing access to the product to a greater number of customers.


Quick and decisive answers. 

Marketing and communication tools of high value and image. 

Team spirit. Respect and integrity. 

Attitude of the team based on order and cleanliness. Commitment to the environment.