We are Joan and Andrea, two friends who began to create the history of Floover as a company creating unique technology in the manufacture of flooring.

We were the creators of the world’s first rigid multi-layer flooring based on high-end vinyl designs with a click system (Patent No Nº EP2246188A1). Later, the waterproof version, SplasH2O, completely changed the way of making floors. Our technology was used by the rest of the manufacturers of the world.

Our first-hand experience with developers, architects and interior design studios always allowed us to know and identify the great needs in the design and construction sector, therefore, although our technologies were becoming popular and standardized, at Floover we always managed to create something more powerful, more avant-garde and distinctive.

Over the years we understood that in the Design and Architecture sector there was a great opportunity: Create projects in total harmony, which really integrated creativity, distinction and functionality. We had the ability to make our manufacturing more strategic by broadening our perspective. We stopped focusing only on the flooring and began an arduous research and development to provide innovative and avant-garde solutions in walls and furniture. The result is comprehensive / systemic manufacturing that does not exist in the market today. Since then we have worked hand in hand with internationally renowned designers and architects, achieving a presence in 4 continents.

Goes from floor to wall and from wall to furniture. We are the executive arm of the architecture and interior design studio

We launched our Floover360 method that offers 3 solutions as a whole to personalize projects, style and ideas of architectural and design studios. Floover360 was born for large-scale hotel proposals where the objective is to create a truly unique seal in the market.